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What is web development?

It refers to the tasks that associated with the developing websites for hosting the internet; its process includes web content development, web design, and many more things.

Some advantages of website development that we provide to our customers-

  1. Cost saving
  2. Time saving
  3. Quality of work
  4. Benefits of latest technology
  5. Complete project on time
  6. Complete admin Access for managing site

Types of coding use in website development

  1. Client side coding-
  2. Flash
  3. HTML5 and CSS3
  • Java script
  1. J query
  2. Server side coding
  3. PHP
  4. ASP
  • CSP, Server-side ANSIC
  1. Java like java EE, web objects
  2. CGI
  3. .net
  4. Database technology
  5. Microsoft SQL server
  6. MySQL
  • Oracle
  1. Apache derby
  2. Redis

Different types of website development-

  1. Ecommerce website development
  2. Magento ecommerce development
  3. Corporate website development
  4. Mobile website development
  5. Content management system development

Benefits of website development-

  1. Professional appeal
  2. It is organized and structured
  3. long term benefit
  4. have unique and customized look
  5. no maintenance issues
  6. easy to modify
  7. better navigation and user experience

Some website development strategies-

  1. define full process
  2. workshops with the experts
  3. set scope for the strategy
  4. create an outline for the web strategy
  5. write attractive content
  6. execute

Process of website development-

  1. gathering information: purpose, main goals, and target audience
  2. planning: sitemap or wire frame creations
  3. design: reviews, page layouts, and approval cycle
  4. content writing and assembly
  5. coding
  6. testing, launch, and reviews
  7. maintenance: regular updating and opinion monitoring

   Services for website development-

  1. high-end unique web design
  2. professional content creations
  3. expert word press development
  4. proven SEO search result
  5. website management services
  6. social network management
  7. custom app development
  8. website disaster recovery
  9. 3D Product representation
  10. Custom ecommerce solution

Use some steps to do the better website development-

  1. Figure out your goals
  2. Choose your website development price range
  3. We transform your objectives
  4. Just have a trust on us to help in derive an end figures

About us-

We’re the best website Development Company in Sydney. Our group of professional web developers is dedicated to creating powerful, effective, and engaging website.

We’re specialized in developing the standard websites that can be compatible with the latest device and competitive from the others.

Contact us-

If you wanted to development a new website or revamping your old website for your company so contact with us on info@webzesty.com.au call us on +61-02 8859 0779. For getting more idea or information, you can see our website.