Be a KO Independent Mobile App Developer today

The most-popular-demand from lazy district can inspire the idea of creating an app that could act like a remote control to switch the lights and fans on or off, without demanding the person to move from his comfort.

Your girlfriend’s or sister’s constant what-to-wear dilemma may inspire you to develop an app that helps people decide what combination of clothes would be best to wear on a particular occasion, by reading their wardrobe.

Your or your friend’s unhealthy pet or seemingly sad pet can inspire you to create an app that could translate animal language into the language their owners speak and vice versa. This will help the owner to keep the pet or any person to keep any animal healthy and happy.


1) Do your research – Know what different segments of society require. What are the needs of an industrialist who requires potential labor? What does a mother with her first new-born require the most? What does your friend need the most before his exam – a stress reliever, a quick reviser, an encourager or humor? You will notice that no question will give you one answer but many. You have to make the least studied yet most needed answer your priority. Remember that nothing is impossible.

2) Explore – Do not confine yourself to just one idea or segment. Open yourself up for ideas coming from every direction, be it industrial sector, household, offices, educational sector, relationships, hobbies, interpersonal or intrapersonal.

3) Learn from other’s mistakes – Learn from failed apps. Look into their feedbacks and try to know where the app failed to fulfill its purpose. Read the comments and figure the mistake(s). This does not only help you to not repeat them but, also brings you to a closer understanding as to what all do the users expect from an app. If it’s a gaming app, to give them a good concept or adventure will not be enough if there are no good characters, breaking pixels, no variety of characters, no different levels or if it is too time taking. Therefore, study in depth.

4 Read the app stores – This is important. A developer must know what’s going on the field he is passionate about. What apps are gaining popularity and why must be researched thoroughly. If you already have an app on app store, make sure to study feedbacks including criticism as well as appreciations. Criticism will let you know what wrong you did so you could improve; appreciations will tell you about your rights and help you to repeat and enhance.

5) Maintain a journal or diary – Write it down – your research, your ideas, your inspirational stories, your appreciations, your critics, what you learned from other apps, everything. Writing not only helps you to remember things but also help in reconsidering your ideas and organizing them. By writing things, you think in details and therefore get the most reliable outcome.

6) Organize your idea – Think of why you want to develop that particular app. What is the core purpose? Who is your target audience? What is the scope of criticism and why? What will make it likable? Who will use it and why? How would you develop it? Who will help you? What will you require to develop it?

Know the answers and proceed accordingly.


1) Talk to other developers – Do not confine your world just to your ideas or what you think. Try and connect with other professional, beginners and independent developers and know what they do. Talk to them about your idea as well. (But, make sure you don’t tell them everything. Keep away from people who could use your ideas for themselves.) Learn from them.

2) Get your funds – Once you are confident and organized with your idea of app, get in touch with entrepreneurs and app developing companies that can help you to execute it.

3) Get your feedback – And, feedback is the breakfast of the champion. See how your audience reacts to the app and work further accordingly. Got an idea? Looking for an app developing company? Web Zesty is an experienced and succeeding app developing company that works on all popular OS platforms. Team up with us today at


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