Fix quality Issues! Higher Google Rankings for Mobile-Optimized websites

You might have detected concerning Google’s new Mobile Ranking algorithmic program set to launch someday next month – so Google are causing out emails to thousands of web site homeowners notifying them to “Fix mobile usability problems found” on their sites.

What will it all mean?

As a lot of and a lot of individuals area unit water sport Infobahn on mobile devices, Google do their best to form the web as mobile-friendly as attainable. Google area unit in an exceedingly very distinctive position to enforce the net shapes to their preference, by issue Ranking penalties to sites that don’t abide by. The end in this case, is Google Search Results displayed on mobile devices can begin to offer slightly advantageous programmer Rankings to pages on websites that area unit optimized for mobile devices. place a lot of merely, if I’m finding out a keyword like ‘handbags’ in Google on my mobile, Google can provides a “rank-boost” to sites that are optimized for mobile phones. The precise quantity of “boost” isn’t discovered, but in associate age wherever websites homeowners do all they will to out-rank their competitors, even a small advantageous ranking or “boost” is efficacious.

Will this impact all my current Google Rankings?

This algorithmic program update solely affects rankings in Google Searches on mobile devices. Google say rankings on desktop/laptop computers can stay identical for currently. If your web site solely has some pages that area unit mobile-optimized, this algorithmic program update solely preferences those individual pages in mobile search results.

How do i do know if my web site pages area unit mobile-optimized?

Google have discharged an internet tool you’ll use to see the general quality of an internet site that you’ll access by clcking the link below:

This tool but doesn’t show individual pages. to look at a report of the non-mobile-friendly pages found on your website you’ll ought to use the ‘Mobile Usability’ tool in your Google Webmaster Tools account (

How do I build pages on my web site optimized for mobile devices?

There are unit completely different strategies of creating individual WebPages or entire websites mobile-optimized; however they disagree betting on the kind of web site framework used (WordPress, Opencart, Static hypertext markup language, etc). If you’re inquisitive about discussing choices for your web site, be happy to urge to bear these days.

Deepak Pandey is a SENIOR INTERNET MARKETER with Webzesty Since the last 5 Years. He is a online marketing geek who spends most of his time internet marketing, enhancing user experiences and engagement.  Follow him on Google Plus and LinkedIn here.


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